Friday, May 25, 2012

Next Brisbane Wikileaks Rally

The long awaited Rally for Julian  Assange will be held in Brisbane Thursday 31st May 12 - 2pm. Department of Foreign Affairs 295 Ann and Creek St.  Lets go Brisbane.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Message from Christine Assange


Dear fellow Australian/Unionist,

Newcastle Trades Hall (representing 26 unions from the Hunter Valley
in NSW) passed a motion in 2011 to support Australian Walkley Award
winning journalist and WikiLeaks Editor in Chief, Julian Assange.
Gary Kennedy, Newcastle Trades Hall Secretary, is seeking support for
a motion at the ACTU Congress in Sydney, on May 15th to support
Julian, and protect him from the continual abuse of legal process and
his human rights in the current Swedish Extradition, and to protect
his civil and legal rights from an imminent, politically motivated
U.S. Extradition from Sweden, the UK or Australia.

This precedent case is closely associated with the future of press
freedom, civil rights, democracy and Australian sovereignty.  Unions
interested in supporting this important motion can contact Gary on
(02) 49291162 BH
Sensation, smear and political spin have distorted much of the media
coverage of WikiLeaks, Julian, and the Swedish Extradition.  Please
in the name of truth and justice, I respectfully urge you to look at
the FACTS at the following locations listed below, and if you agree
with Gary Kennedy’s motion, to stand up and support it.

Yours Faithfully,
Christine Assange (0408531095)

(1) (clear, concise legal and diplomatic briefs
to MPs at Parliament House, Canberra 2/3/11)
(2) (compact facts and time line on
Wikileaks and Swedish Extradition)
(3) (comprehensive data base on the Swedish
(4)  ( (Wikileaks)

Transcript of Gary Kennedy (Newcastle Forum) - Julian Assange;
Fighter for Freedom or High Tech Terrorist?  HYPERLINK https:// https://

Transcript of Andrew Fowler (Newcastle Forum) - Julian Assange;
Fighter for Freedom or High Tech Terrorist?  HYPERLINK https:// https://