Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brisbane Snap Rally Alert for Assange & WikiLeaks

As you may be aware, WikiLeaks founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange is awaiting a decision from the UK Supreme Court which could see him extradited from Britain to Sweden, and then likely extradited onwards to the USA. A decision is expected any day now.

Even if Mr Assange wins his case against the European Arrest Warrant extradition, it is likely that the US government will immediately lodge an extradition request with the UK government, and a new round of legal battles will commence. Even if Mr Assange is allowed to return home to Australia, extradition to the USA remains a very real threat, and senior US politicians have called for Mr Assange to be assassinated or face the death penalty. Therefore worldwide protests will go ahead regardless of the outcome of the UK court decision.

The day after the UK Supreme Court decision is announced (or the Monday after, it is announced on a Friday), a co-ordinated series of rallies and demonstrations in support of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks will be conducted all around the world. Protestors in Brisbane will gather outside the  office of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) on the corner of Creek St & 295 Ann St. from midday till 2 pm and from 4pm till 6 pm.

(NOTE: If the UK Supreme Court decision is announced after 10 pm Australian time, protests will be on the day after next, unless it's a Friday)

Protestors in other parts of Australian cities will gather outside their nearest DFAT office, or (for regional areas) outside the office of their local Federal member. Protestors overseas will gather outside Consulates and Embassies.

We are urging all Australian media groups to inform their audience of these protests and the reasons behind them. In a country where the Prime Minister still has not apologised for declaring WikiLeaks "illegal" and Attorney General Nicola Roxon last week told an ABC live audience that Mr Assange "fled Sweden" (not true) the media's role is critically important.

Please advise your media audience of the up-coming protests and alert them to the important information in the following links:

Brisbane protests facebook page: 'Bring Julian Home! Standby Alert!

National protests facebook page: 'BRING JULIAN ASSANGE HOME National RALLY ALERT'

Justice For Assange:

Four Common Misconceptions of the Assange Case:

Over 90 Talking Points from Julian Assange's mother Christine:

OzWikiWatch register of Australian politicians' support for Assange and WikiLeaks:

Important Twitter contacts for for information on all Australian rallies: @akawaca @assangeC @stopwarsyd @ausfowl @jaraparilla @wikileaks


If you have any further queries about these demonstrations, Julian Assange's legal cases, or WikiLeaks generally, please contact me (preferably by email or Twitter in the first instance):

Gary Lord
Twitter: @Jaraparilla
Mobile: 0402 880 601

Please note: I do not officially represent WikiLeaks or Mr Assange, I am just one of many concerned supporters around the world. However, I have had several stories published at the unofficial WikiLeaks website and my tweets and stories have occasionally been re-tweeted by @wikileaks.

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