Friday, February 11, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Christine Assange 8-Page Letter to the Hon. Kevin Rudd, Australian Foreign Minister

SOURCE: Christine Assange

Christine Assange, mother of the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, made her first public Australian appearance today by lobbying outside the Brisbane offices of Australian Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd at 5.30pm.

Surrounded by a small crowd of news crews & reporters from Network Ten, the Courier Mail and other news outlets, Ms Assange demanded Mr Rudd take immediate diplomatic action toward Sweden in order to protect her son's legal and human rights.

She demanded that the Foreign Minister make the necessary representations to protest & halt current extradition proceedings in London. She also urged Mr Rudd to stand up against the US government and make them prosecute those officials who incite violence against her son.

Failure to act and protect Julian, she said, would require Mr Rudd's registration due to not meeting his duties and by effectively reneging on his previous promises that he would help towards protecting her son's rights and his life.

Provided to Brisbane Wikileaks Defence by Christine Assange, is a copy of the full 8-page hand-written letter written by Christine Assange and given to Australian Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, which can be downloaded from the link below:

- Brisbane Wikileaks Defence.

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  1. All who are worthy of political office are showing their true colors in this case.